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Third term for Conde?

Guinea’s ruling party has nominated President Alpha Conde to stand for a third term, taking advantage of a new constitution to circumvent a two-term limit for presidents.

Conde, 82, stopped short of formally accepting the nomination in a speech in July. Talk of him running again has sparked widespread protests that have killed at least 30 people over the past year.

“Today you have all spoken, allies, parties and others – I take note,” Conde told party members.

President Alpha Conde

He did not say when he would formally respond to the nomination.

Conde, a longtime opposition leader, came to power in a 2010 vote that raised hopes for democratic progress in Guinea after decades of authoritarian rule. He was re-elected in 2015.

But his efforts to stay in power have raised concerns that Guinea will go the way of other African countries whose rulers have refused to step down long after their mandates expired.

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