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Tema West Engineer blames land guard attacks for delayed demolition at LashibiRamsar site

The Engineer for the Tema West Municipal Assembly, Vincent Blah Quarshie, has disclosed that his life is in great danger over continuous attacks by land guards at the Lashibi Ramsar site.

According to authorities, most of the structures have been erected on a water holding area at

Lashibi contributes to the perennial flooding in the community.

During a visit to the site by the Greater Accra Regional Minister and a team of Police and

NADMO officials, the Engineer highlighted that the failure on his part to have the buildings

pulled down is as a result of attacks on his life by land guards in the area.

The Engineer of the Tema West Municipal Assembly, Vincent Blah Quarshie stated that “With

regard to coming to this place, there are a lot of land guards here and they are the people they use here. There are times that I have been here with the task force, but that did not stop the attacks.” During one of the attacks, Mr. Quarshie noted “They [landguards] used a cement block to hit my back. They pulled a gun, and it was through the divine intervention of the police [that saved me]. So it has become some sort of threat. They pulled a gun on my assistant and since then he has decided not to come to the site.”

Successive mayors in the area, prior to the assumption of office, always promise to reclaim the Ramsar site from the hands of encroachers but have, however, failed to do so.

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