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An appeal was made to the governments in Africa to support online media industry. This was made during a speech delivered by Prof. Michael Kwateng, CEO of Ghana International Radio/News during the Online Radio and Television Personalities (ORTP) Awards Ceremony at the National Theater in Accra, Ghana last Saturday.

Prof. Kwateng pointed out that the media is the 4th arm of government of every democratic state and a major contributor to nations' development. He opined that running online radio and television in Africa is a sacrificial service due to the cost involved. He said in Ghana and Africa as a whole the cost of data is very expensive and this deter people from patronizing online radio and television shows and the effect is the low followers and sales as compared to the traditional radio or television, thereby discouraging people from investing in online media industry.

He revealed that the world is experiencing a paradigm shift in the media industry and this emanate from the fact that the industry contribute about 70% of the entire broadcasting landscape and must be given the needed attention and support. He thanked Age Ghana, the Organizers of the awards for helping to shape and promote the industry.

Prof. Kwateng was honoured with the Best Entrepreneurship Award in the Online Media Industry.

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