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The International Human Rights Commission-IHRC Geneva Africa Region has called on Nigerians to maintain peace in the country and conduct fresh elections in Nigeria after a critical analysis and report received from its West Africa Office.

The Head of IHRC in charge of West Africa Region, Dr. Ogbonnaya Harrys reported the incidents of violence in some states and electoral areas in the country to IHRC Africa Office.

According to an interview with Dr. Harrys, he said "Peace is the consciousness of tolerance, forgiveness, unity and harmony, which are the highest natural necessity for the progress of humanity. If Nigerians undermine the development of peace, love and unity, Nigeria will suffer cruelty. Therefore, all must ensure that peace, love and harmony become a cultural and religious part of human existence".

He opined that he was disappointed by what he saw during the presidential election of 25th of February 2023, he said all the violences and abuses were happening because of greed, selfishness and corruption on the part of political leaders.

For decades, Nigerians have suffered violence, poverty, untold hardship and bad governance. Many have lost their lives, property, homes thereby increasing widows and orphans in the country.

The IHRC AFRICA representatives at the elections were disappointed by the performance of the INEC, the nation witnessed the lies and corrupt activities of presidential election by those who were trusted with the responsibility of conducting a free and peaceful election but turned back to destroy what the whole world would have regarded as the best elections but sent the country million times backwards.

The Executive Secretary of IHRC Geneva Africa Region, Prof. Michael Kwateng is calling on the leadership of the security Agencies in Nigeria to maintain peace and stability and avoid abuse of power.

Prof. Kwateng has also called for re-elections in Nigeria in order to respect the fundamental human rights of all the citizens for the sake of peace.

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