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I ‘cursed’ Fameye out of pain - Ogidi Brown

Ghanaian artiste manager and musician, Ogidi Brown has shared his regrets after publicly threatening to curse former signee, Fameye over a debt owed him (Ogidi Brown).

In a Facebook live session, Ogidi Brown alleged that Fameye owes him a whopping amount of 50,000 USD and threatened to kill Fameye and his newborn baby if the latter refused to clear the debt in a space of two weeks.

Full of remorse for his actions, Ogidi Brown in an interview on Happy 98.9 FM’s Ayekoo After Drive apologized to his fans for his actions. “I made the video out of pain. I have not cursed anyone and will never curse anyone in my life”, he said.

Ogidi Brown revealed that after the video was made, an elder from the Antoa township who followed him on social media, invited him (Ogidi Brown) for a meeting “and advised me against cursing anyone after hearing my side of the story. Fameye was also invited to the place where he admitted he owed me some money but insisted it was less than 50,000USD”.

On his authority, Fameye said the debt was rather 30,000USD but has since then not paid a dime to Ogidi Brown or even communicated with him.

Ogidi Brown declared that just as he publicly demanded his money from Fameye, so will he make a public declaration when the debt is cleared.

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