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KPMG meeting with parties in Election Petition rescheduled

The much expected meeting between parties involved in the Presidential Election Petition by the referee appointed to audit the pink sheet exhibits has once again ended inconclusively. The meeting was rescheduled to Thursday because the petitioners had not been served with the content of the draft copy.

Monday’s hearing of the election petition had to be truncated at 2:00 pm to allow for the parties to meet with KPMG and resolve the controversy surrounding the number of pink sheet exhibits brought by the Petitioners. But head of the Petitioners legal team, Gloria Akuffo told Joy FM the meeting had to be rescheduled to allow for the petitioners to peruse a detailed copy of the drafts presented to them by KPMG. She said the parties will present written response to the draft copies on their meeting with KPMG on Thursday after which the referee will officially inform the court about the outcome of the audit. She said KPMG will present the outcome of the audit in open court as evidence after which the parties will ask questions on issues they are not clear about.

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